A little far from West Central Florida, but of interest to the region.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Former shuttle workers face uncertain future

NASA officials predict the KSC work force will number roughly 8,200 next year — about half the 15,000 employed there in 2008. A few hundred contractors now are giving the shuttles last rites before they, too, join their former colleagues in a brutal job market.

This is an opportune time for someone interested in aeronautics to find some high quality, highly educated, highly skilled employees at a bargain price.  Ocala or Brooksville might be close enough to allow the least mobile of these employees to stay in their homes, but help someone build a business west of Orlando.   I have no real knowledge of this industry–maybe there are thousands of qualified people in the field without a job–but I’d think there’s an opportunity here for someone with a product to build.